Interview: Anne Bichon

Tell about yourself a little bit... How did you become a photographer?

I made my "eye" by looking for years at a copy of the Virgin of the Grand Duke, one of Raphael's Virgin and Child which is exhibited at the Palatina gallery in Florence. I observed it between my six and eight years old, every night before going to sleep. It was the last image I saw of my whole day and I never got tired of it. I think it was because of this painting that I became a photographer.
Afterwards, I studied at the Beaux-Arts where we were advised against photographing because in the 90s, photography was very badly considered, not well seen. It was a minor art. But to escape to the dictates, I presented political photomontages. I stole everything I liked from women's magazines or those that covered current events and I photographed in secret. I've never been fashionable, you can say that...

What has been the biggest lesson you have learned as a photographer?
Never give up, always have your camera with you, get rid of prejudices, fashions, contrary opinions and always think, "go!"

What advice would you give to a young amateur photographer, who wants to take their photography to the next level?
I would tell him to throw away all his useless images, those that say nothing, that have no philosophical, poetic or political significance, and above all I would tell him don't follow fashion because tomorrow, fashion could be you.

In your opinion... What is a good photograph?
He is someone who sees what no one sees. A witness in levitation, always at a distance, there and not there at the same time.

How do you feel about social media today? Is it good for photographers, bad for photographers...?
From 2000, I understood that this thing was a springboard for visibility. Between 2004 and 2016, I did online, personal and network exhibitions. Since confinement, artists have been exposing themselves more on the web and that's very good because social networks are a very good way to advertise and meet other enthusiasts, and that's great.

Link to your instagram or website or both...

Are you open to collaborate with others photographers?

Documagazine (2023) (2006)

Le blog de Demuyter Benoit (2007)

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Magazine Spirit, n°10, juin 2005.